Pranayama Intensive

Shedding Light on the Darkness

Accessing The Vayus, Nadis, and Bandhas through Pranayama.

The practices of pranayama teach us how to control our breath and manage our vital energy through specific techniques that help us cultivate deep relaxation and uplift at the same time. Pranayama can help us shine light on our dark spots and expand our vital energy known as Prana. The effects of the pranayama practice are subtle and when done consistently, one will begin to gain clarity in the mind, feel balanced in their emotions, and experience more energy and inspiration in their lives. Pranayama can help to expand the energy around the heart and as we learn to breath in a more efficient way, we become more relaxed and connected to our being. In this three-day course, Joan will discuss the different practices of pranayama, and how they should ideally be performed. We will look at different pranayama techniques and explore their positive benefits on our nervous system and how they increase our vitality. Joan will use specific asanas and restoratives to move your body and mind into a quiet place before entering into these breath-based practices. Each day will focus on a different aspect of the subtle body and introduce a specific breathing technique to help access different energy centers in the body. All levels are welcome and this will be part two of the pranayama intensive from last year. If you wish to join and don’t have any experience in pranayama please email her about viewing the first course before participating in this one.

Ten hours will be credited towards The School of Yoga and all sessions are recorded for you to have lifetime access too!

Schedule 2021

November 12 - 14

Join me for the whole weekend, or sign up for individual classes. All classes will be held virtually through Zoom.

If you can't make it to class, the sessions will be recorded so you can experience them on your own time.

FRIDAY • Nov 12

7 pm - 9 pm PST

  • Joan will open up with a discussion based around understanding the subtle body and our inward layers.

  • To access our inner layer known as the Pranamaya Kosha, we need a breath-based practice.

  • She will discuss the koshas and how the practice can help teach us how to manage our energy and use our body as a container.

  • Learn how the Vayus and Nadis help to transmit prana through our breathing and can help to access different energy centers within.

  • We will end this session with a light asana practice to release tension from the body and mind before moving into restoratives and specific pranayams such as Sama Vritti, Nadi Shodhana, and Ujjayi leading into meditation.

saturday • Nov 13

9 am - 12 pm PST

  • The practice of pranayama helps to unleash the energy that travels up the main energy center known as our Sushumna Nadi.

  • When we access this place in our practice, our energy transcends and we will feel heighten and elevated.

  • We will open this session up with an asana practice followed by pranayama and explore the two Nadis that intersect the Sushumna, known as Ida and Pingali.

  • The bandhas are an important part of the asana and pranayama practice and help to seal our vital energy in.

  • They are known as “locks” or “valves” which transmit and expand energy.

  • When applied correctly, they assist in elevating our energy through the Sushumna Nadi and untangling deep knots of tension known as Grantis.

  • This practice will uplift and inspire as we explore inversions to relax the nervous system before moving into a quieting pranayama practice.

Sunday • Nov 14

9 am - 12 pm PST

  • We will open this session with some asana to wake up the body and open the channels.

  • We will then move towards a quiet pranayama practice followed by a meditation.

  • Kumbhakas are considered advanced in the pranayama practice and an understanding on how to apply the bandhas is needed to be able to access the many benefits of this breath technique.

  • A deep stillness is found during breath retention as the heart space swells and the mind can reside deep in the heart.

  • A discussion will follow on advanced pranayama techniques and how to cultivate a steady pranayama practice.

"You will leave this weekend with some practices to help you cultivate these powerful and subtle practices into your daily routine."


Enjoy all the classes over the whole weekend. Even if you can't make it to class, the sessions will be recorded so you can experience them on your own time.

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