Pranayama Intensive

Shedding Light on the Darkness

Shedding light on the darkness

The practices of pranayama teach us how to control our breath and manage our vital energy through specific techniques that help us cultivate deep relaxation.

As we move towards the Winter Solstice and the days become shorter and darker earlier, this can symbolize our own journey into the darkness. The practice of pranayama can help us shine light on our dark spots and expand our vital energy known as prana. The effects of the pranayama practice are subtle and when done consistently, one will begin to feel a heightened effect and more clarity in the mind and openness in their hearts.

In this three-day weekend based around going into the darkness, Joan will discuss the different practices of pranayama, and how they should ideally be performed.

We will look at different pranayama techniques and explore their positive benefits on our nervous system and health. Joan will use restoratives to move our bodies in mind into a quiet place before moving into these breath-based practices.We will discuss how pranayama can be used as a tool for focusing the mind and cultivating a meditation practice. Especially during these stressful times of change, these practices can help us manage our stress and restore our systems.These hours will be credited towards The School of Yoga and all sessions recorded.

Schedule 2020

DECEMBER 18 - 20

Join me for the whole weekend, or sign up for individual classes. All classes will be held virtually through Zoom.

If you can't make it to class, the sessions will be recorded so you can experience them on your own time.


7 - 9 pm

  • We will begin with a discussion on our nervous systems and how stress can damage it especially if it’s chronic.

  • We will then discuss the importance of including practices that help to shift the nervous system into a place of deep healing and teach us how to manage our energy wiser.

  • The practice will include basic set ups for restoratives and we will start slow with even breathing and observing our breath.


7 - 9 am

  • We will begin with a quiet practice adding nadi shodhana and viloma into our practice after light movement and restoratives to prepare the mind and body to sit quietly.

  • A discussion on the anatomy of our pranic body will follow including the nadis, how to engage our bandhas during the practice to help us with more advanced techniques of pranayama.

  • We will discuss how certain kriyas can help us deepen our pranayama practice and how we can begin to cultivate a daily practice that helps us to connect to our energetic body.


8 - 10am

  • Pranayama is a prelude to meditation and meditation is a powerful tool to stabilize the mind helping to create clarity and connect us to a flow state.

  • The practice of pranayama teaches us how to control our breath and manage our flow of energy, and also helps to focus our mind.

  • We will discuss Dharana and Dhyana and how we can use different techniques to strengthen dharana, which will help us, learn to meditate and find more comfort in sitting quietly longer.

  • We will end with a practice incorporating restoratives, pranayama, and a seated meditation.

"You will leave this weekend with some practices to help you cultivate these powerful and subtle practices into your daily routine."


Enjoy all the classes over the whole weekend. Even if you can't make it to class, the sessions will be recorded so you can experience them on your own time.

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